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What is Holistic.lu ?

HOLISTIC.LU is all about empowering people to take back their power and make them able to navigate changes, move beyond their blocks, traumas and challenges, so they can live their very best life.

Holistic comes from the ancient greek… and can be translated as “whole, complete, one”. That means that every parts of the human being, body, mind and spirit are always interdependent, interconnected, interrelated. When a trauma, an issue or an injury strikes in one of them, the others are affected as well.

Regaining balance and implementing lasting changes is always an inside out job and a journey to self, to self as a whole.

It’s also an individual, personal and specific process as each person is unique.

I’m helping you moving beyond your difficulties, reconnecting with yourself and be back on track with your life.

A session is taylor-made according to your needs and wishes. I often combine efficient techniques and therapies in a holistic approach.

In my tool box, I have hypnotherapy, chinese dietetic, aromatherapy, cognitive behavioral therapies and other energetic or quantum methods (bio-energetic detox including chakra cleaning).


What is hypnotherapy


what hypnotherapy can do for you ?

Hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation and intense focus to create a lasting and permanent positive change in one’s person’s mind when in this modified state of awareness.

Hypnotherapy can take many forms: direct hypnosis, spiritual hypnosis, eriksonian hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).

Each sort of Hypnotherapy is very efficient to bring in great result in a variety of issues, so that you can experience:

  • much less stress and anxiety,
  • to recover from a burn-out,
  • no more addictions,
  • lasting weight loss,
  • cessation of smoking,
  • healing traumas and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • no more phobias,
  • better sleep,
  • help in the grief process and the loss of a loved one,
  • removing negative repetitive pattern,
  • improving memory,
  • better intuition,
  • reconnection with your Higher self or soul,
  • resolving past life issues,
  • connecting with one’s guides,
  • achieving your goals, aspirations and dreams.

An hypnotherapy session is a very natural and organic process and is equally effective, whether done in person or remotely.

Chinese dietetic

Food has always been used by Asian civilization to promote, improve and enhance the overall well-being of a person. The china culture is well known for its expertise in this field and we all can benefit from more than 4.000 years of experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Body, mind and spirit have each a lot to gain in applying those principles as it is extremely efficient to improve emotional, mental and physical well-being at the same time.

Food has also a big role to play in balancing one’s emotion.

Globally, on the emotional side, when following these principles, you will feel more calm, less depressed, sad or angry, you will have more clarity and no brain fog anymore, you will have more energy, a better sleep and be more resilient.

Your physical well-being is also greatly improved as well.

Chinese dietetic doesn’t intent a strict or specific diet and are not limited to Chinese food but also include all aliments occidental cultures are used to eat, which makes them universal and easily applicable, wherever you are in the world.

Bio energetic field Detox and chakra Detox

Lots of things, such as chemical substances, emotional shock or mental upset can disrupt the natural functioning of the energetic body’s system. As a result, we often feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed and some physical imbalances could also occur.

Keeping all our energetic systems (bio-energetic field, chakras, nadis…) clean and functioning has become paramount to our well-being and to avoid further issues. This is specially true in the turbulent times we are all currently in.

Removing all stagnations, blockages and negative energy from the body’s bio-energetic field allows your natural energetic balance and flow to be restored. This way, you reset your own vibrational set point and optimize your energy so you can live your best life.

This energetic detox is done exclusively remotely.


Service to others can take many ways.

I’m blessed to have found mine.

Laurent Payot

My name is Laurence Payot. I’m a facilitator or a catalyst for change. I help people to find the key to unlock the door to a better version of themselves.

I guide you move through your difficulties and help you to regain overall balance and well-being.

I strongly believe that an holistic approach, which consider all the parts of the human being, the spiritual, emotional or mental and physical as one single unit, is very effective to comprehend how mind and body are functioning. As a result, this holistic view is very effective to solve lots of issues. All the techniques I use are a good example of that.

I’m experienced in hypnotherapy ( and also trained by Marisa Peer who teaches RTT- Rapid Transformational Therapy-). I’m also a Chinese dietetician and an intuitive. I use techniques that address the heart and soul of the challenge that you find yourself in the midst of.

As a result, you restore your well-being and find back your strength, power and vitality.

I also strongly believe that we are a soul first and a body second.

Unfortunately, for many, there is a disconnect between your physical experience and your Higher self or soul. The wisdom of your soul is out of alignment with your personality or ego and body. This is caused by a multitude of reasons, including social or family conditioning, societal influences, negative emotions, all kind of traumas…

This disconnection can make you feel lost, depressed, overwhelmed or with no purpose in life.

I help you re-establish and deepen the connection with yourself, with your Higher self or your soul. It is a big part in the healing process and in our evolution as human and as a Soul.

Feeling balanced again and connected with our Higher self and soul, we find back our power, express our uniqueness and step into the truth of who we are.

The sessions are done in French or English, remotely or in person, except for the energetic detox which is done exclusively remotely.

In person sessions are done in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 6a, rue Ermesinde, L-8416 Steinfort.

The session is done in Central European Time (CET) or Central European Summer Time (CEST).

For an appointment, contact me.


The price for an Hypnotherapy session depends on the duration of the session and on the type of hypnotherapy used to match clients needs and wishes. It ranges from 100 € to 150 € or 200 €.

The price for a Chinese dietetic consultation is 80 € and 50 € for an update.

The price for an Energetic Detox session is 200 €.

Payment must be done anticipatively, via Paypal or wire bank transfer.

No refund is granted in case of cancellation done less than 24 hours before the appointment.

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